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Get your home made wine reviewed using the EnoFile Home Winemaking app

Created by Brew Ventures Incorporated, the EnoFile Home Winemaking app automates tracking and wine making calculations for wine hobbyists. “For home winemakers who’ve wondered how their home made wines taste, EnoFile now allows guests to record the results of their tasting,” says CEO Susan Campbell-Weir. EnoFile’s new features connect winemakers with wine tasters to allow a simple means to collect feedback on home wines.

Everything you need for your wine making hobby, the EnoFile home winemaking app

Brew Ventures created the first of its kind, free wine making app, EnoFile that helps the hobby wine maker track the winemaking steps and integrates alcohol by volume (%ABV) and cost per bottle calculations. For the home winemaker, it’s hard to believe you can get more from a wine journal. As you add ingredients and readings, the app offers a personalized set of products so just what you need is delivered straight to your doorstep.

Recommended adjustments for sugar and protective additions are included so winemakers can worry less about calculations and more about making great wine. Photos along the way create a visual memory of the steps to recreate the wine and an automated tasting note is generated for a completed batch with a few simple selections. A technical tasting sheet for each batch is shareable via print or email.

For completed wines, generating a quick review ID allows friends to rate and review the wine maker’s creation. These makers can now expect the same bragging rights for excellent wine that commercial wineries get!

October 17, 2018 release - Ratings and reviews for your home made wine

With the latest release, the EnoFile Home Winemaking app allows friends and family to rate and review the wines made by home wine makers. “I am so happy to offer this service through our free wine making app,” says Campbell-Weir. “Now home winemakers can create a tasting of their wines using the EnoFile app. The winemaker can host a party and print out the helpful list of wines being shared, or just give away a bottle and send the review ID to friends. Guests use the app to write what they think of the wines with a simple interaction and a few selections.”

With notifications to let the winemaker know that a review is available, the winemaker sees the opinions of friends in a summary or detailed form. “It really does transform the kind of feedback that hobby home winemakers can receive. No more waiting for competition results to return in the mail” said Campbell-Weir.

About EnoFile

EnoFile helps home winemakers make outstanding wine by automating calculations and tracking. Created by Northern California- based Brew Ventures Inc, Enofile seeks to introduce a new generation to how to make wine with help of an easy-to-use app. With users ranging from new winemakers improving their wine making kits and award-winning experienced amateurs, this app deserves a place with your home brew supplies.

Available for free download in the Apple Store, Amazon and Google Play.

* Currently, delivery is available in the United States only.

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