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Restock your winery with the EnoFile Home Winemaking app

Created by Brew Ventures Incorporated, the EnoFile Home Winemaking app automates tracking and wine making calculations for wine hobbyists. “We’re excited to announce that wine making and brewing supplies are now available to reorder right at your fingertips,” says CEO Susan Campbell-Weir.

EnoFile - Home winemaking app adds shopping to it's list of features

Trusted wine making assistant, the EnoFile Home Winemaking app

Available on both IOS and Android devices, the app assists wine making hobbyists by tracking wine making steps and automatically calculating important readings. Alcohol by volume (%ABV) and cost per bottle are easily available while you make your own wine. EnoFile is everything a home winemaker could ask for in a wine journal and recipe keeper.

EnoFile offers recommendations for sugar adjustments based on users’ targets. The app also suggests protective additions to prevent microbacterial growth and oxidation. No more rummaging for leftover corks when bottling! If you run out of much needed supplies for your wine making hobby, EnoFile allows access to hundreds of products so what you need is delivered to your doorstep.*

Social integration is built in with photos captured at each wine making stage. Winemaker’s advance their wine tasting skills with a simple selection aromas and tastes to generate a tasting note. The tasting sheet created for each batch is shareable via print or email.

February 22, 2018 Release – A winemaker’s shopping list

Shop EnoFile for all your wine making needs

With this release, the EnoFile Home Winemaking app easily adds the wine supplies you need to make homemade wine to your shopping list. “As I make wine, I use up supplies and need to restock. EnoFile now keeps my list for me and allows me to reorder so I don’t have to think about it again,” says Campbell-Weir. Using the shopping menu, users can easily find a variety of wine kits or order the brewing equipment needed as they develop their wine recipes. “We are ramping up the supplies we need to serve this community, but we’re lucky to offer many of the top wine making ingredient kits and the All in One wine pump and wine filter with an exclusive package put together just for those who make homemade wine. We also ship the Wine Better Top Up as a convenient way to eliminate the headspace that may exist after racking off sediment,” said Campbell-Weir.

About EnoFile

EnoFile helps advance winemaker's tasting skills with a few quick selections

EnoFile helps home winemakers make outstanding wine by automating calculations and tracking. Created by Northern California- based Brew Ventures Inc, Enofile seeks to introduce a new generation to how to make wine with help of an easy-to-use app. With users ranging from new winemakers improving their wine making kits and award-winning experienced amateurs, this app deserves a place with your home brew supplies.

Available for free download in the Apple Store, Amazon and Google Play.

* Currently, delivery is available in the United States only.

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