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EnoFile Home Winemaking Adds Sulfite and Back Sweetening Adjustments

Created by Brew Ventures Incorporated, the EnoFile home wine making app automates tracking and wine making calculations for the wine hobbyist. “It’s the best thing a home brew enthusiast can do for their craft. It offers the same kind of feedback and fun that make fitness trackers so effective for exercise enthusiasts,” says CEO Susan Campbell-Weir.

EnoFile is a Home Winemaker’s Trusted Assistant

Available on both IOS and Android devices, the app helps hobbyists make better wine by making calculations and tracking easy. Alcohol by volume (ABV calculation) and cost calculations are displayed in context of each batch automatically. When you make your own wine, the dashboard displays cumulative facts about batches completed with the app.

In addition, the wine making app includes social features that support the sharing of wine. It produces a professional tasting sheet for each batch that can be printed or emailed to friends and family. Hobbyists can attach captioned photos and name their home “winery.”

Finally, EnoFile helps winemakers bolster their wine tasting skills. “Hobbyists sometimes feel insecure about their tasking skills, and the app helps with that,” says Campbell-Weir. The app prompts tasters to select from a dimension of aromas and tastes then creates tasting notes. “With practice, tasters will find their ability to discern tastes will improve,” added Campbell-Weir.

September 22, 2017 Release

New with the 1.2.0 release, EnoFile will launch the much-anticipated calculations for sugar (back sweetening wine calculator) and sulfite (SO2). This release also synchs data between multiple devices. “Users who enter notes on their iPad but take photos with their phone will have no problem using both devices,” says Campbell-Weir. Winemakers who want to clean up their data may delete a batch with an easy swipe.

Along with updated styling, the user’s personal “winery name” is now prominently displayed on the Dashboard. Users can enter new styles and readings, such as “sparkling” and “dessert wine” or “time on oak.” These new styles are reflected on the updated Tasting sheet with a simplified design that better displays the user’s personal label art.

About EnoFile

EnoFile helps home winemakers make outstanding wine by automating calculations and tracking steps. Created by Northern California - based Brew Ventures, Enofile seeks to introduce a new generation to how to make wine with help of an easy-to-use app. With users ranging from new winemakers improving their wine making kits and award-winning experienced amateurs, this app deserves a place with your home brew supplies.

Available for free download on the iOs App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

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