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How Home Winemaking and Technology Started a Passion Business

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Susan Campbell-Weir went through bumps and bruises getting our company, Brew Venturews, Incorporated started. She shares her passion for home winemaking and what drives her to continue in her article Look before you leap — a guide to transitioning to your passion job published in the online magazine Vunela - A place for dreamers, doers and game changers.

Campbell-Weir shares how she quit her long time job as a product manager and transitioned all the skills, experience and passion to build the EnoFile home winemaking app.

She believes it takes 6 considerations to start a business:

  • Know yourself

  • Follow your passion

  • Understand the market

  • Be pragmatic about money

  • Study the competition

  • Learn about your customers

She also suggests that you can make a successful business even in a niche market. "EnoFile doesn’t have to be Instagram. It just needs to be relevant to the winemaking community" she said.


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