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How it happened

Sometime in our early relationship, we began talking about wine and home wine making and wondering if it could save us any money.  Our real journey began when Susan received a simple wine equipment kit and a wine ingredient kit from Bill for Christmas and our dream of spending less on wine took off.  We never set out to create a home wine making application.

With a large family, we also wanted to share our wine and help them join in our adventures, but we had limited tools to use.  We posted photos on social media, we added captions and ideas about what we liked about our wine and what we hoped to create.  But we couldn’t really bring it all together in a single representation of that experience because our tools were all over the place!  We used a spreadsheet to track specific gravity and the kit names and varietals and our calendar to keep reminders for ourselves, but things were not easy.  After hosting tastings of our own wines, we wanted friends to tell us what they liked about our wines, too.

Our Brew Venture adventure began with a dream that keeping track of all the readings, ingredients and steps to our home wine making could be simpler!  Hence why we started our company, to bring it all together in a simple application that takes the guess work out of creating batches of wine at home and helping friends and family share in that experience.  At Brew Venture, we’re all about encouraging and investing in relationships!

In the journey, we found creating something and babying it through to greatness created both a great hobby and brought joy to something we do together.  The togetherness makes it worth the doing.

Susan and Bill

Bill and Susan
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