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Winemaking Made easy

Say goodbye to messy notebooks


by Brew Ventures

EnoFile Community Infographic

We love our data!  Winemakers using our app track their steps and see their home winery data on a dashboard.  


Illustration: EnoFile home winemaking trends for 1 year through April 20, 2018. Add your numbers to our journey by downloading the app today. 

Simple and Convenient

You'll keep your focus on the wine because the app is easy to use.  

Tested with Real Makers

We understand your process and we've made sure the app does too.


Made for the Hobbyist

Enofile keeps data for your small and your large batches. No problem.

App Features


  • Name your winery

  • Upload logo

  • Choose varietal and style for your first batch


  • Start a batch

  • Add readings and adjustments

  • Take photos as you go

  • ABV calculations

  • Set reminders


  • Invite friends to rate and review your wine

  • Learn how to describe wine

  • Create a taste summary

  • Share your taste summary 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Zadvocate, Apple App Reviewer

"It's more convenient than using pen and paper. I really like it so far.  Best of all this is free."

Martha, App User

"I love taking photos of my wine process, and now I can do it on the app along with my notes. Fun!"

Download the EnoFile app

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