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Create your fermenting story, one ingredient at a time

People having fun with wine
Home wine making is easier and more fun with an app for hobbyists. Automate your tracking and calculations to make better wine. “Better than paper!” 

Manage your entire fermenting process:

  • Log your wine making steps and ingredients

  • Quickly add ingredients and needed supplies to your cart

  • Take a variety of readings to understand and improve your wine

  • Automated calculations include alcohol by volume (%ABV) and cost per bottle

  • Calculate sugar adjustments and SO2 additions

  • Manage your wine making calendar

  • Note your observations along the way so you can refer back to them later

  • Wine making supplies shipped anywhere in the United States

Social features enhance your fun:

  • Showcase your best wines in a tasting with a printable wine list

  • Invite friends to give feedback on your wine with ratings and reviews

  • Write reviews for your wine-making friends

  • Set up your home winery

  • Take photos and add captions as you go

  • Add a personal label to your batches

  • Select and click to auto-generate a tasting note

  • Email a printed tasting sheet to your friends

We know home winemakers: 

  • This app was tested for ease of use by hobbyist wine makers.

  • Works with any style of wine, including wine making kits and fruit wines

  • Access your account from multiple devices

  • Optimized for tablets

Start your fermenting adventure with EnoFile today!

Winemaking App

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